Registering a domain and hosting one is commonly mistaken by a lot of people to be the same thing. They are in reality 2 separate services - the domain name registration is the actual name and nothing else, while the hosted domains feature reveals the number of already registered domains that one could accommodate in the same website hosting account and have site files and emails for them. Your websites will function in precisely the same way regardless if the domain addresses are registered and hosted at the same place or are registered with company A and directed to company B. Simply registering a domain address without hosting it will give you ownership, but will not enable you to have a website if you don't host this domain in some account so that records for it are created and it starts opening the data from that account.
Hosted Domains in Web Hosting
The web hosting packages we provide permit you to host a different number of domain names. This way, you can select what plan to acquire and how much to pay according to your requirements. If you choose to host more domain names at some point than the amount the current package permits you to, you can effortlessly upgrade the whole plan or keep the same one and just add more slots for hosted domain names. If you want to employ the registration services of a different company, you'll be able to see the name servers you have to set for your domains so as to direct them to our cloud platform in the Hosted Domains area of the Control Panel on our end. If you like to have everything in one place, however, there's no limit on the number of domains that you can register/transfer within your account regardless of the hosting package you have chosen. Then you could decide if you'll host them or you will direct them to other existing domains.
Hosted Domains in Semi-dedicated Servers
If you buy a semi-dedicated server plan through our company, you'll be able to host as many domains as you would like regardless of whether you register them here or you already own them through a different company. We have decided not to limit this feature since the semi-dedicated plans are rather powerful and the load they can handle is fairly high, so it would not make sense to be able to host a fixed amount of domains. The accounts are controlled via the Hepsia CP, that will present you with full control over all of your hosted domains. You can add a new domain with a couple of mouse clicks and everything is done effortlessly and intuitively, as opposed to rival Control Panels where you may even have to switch between different accounts to manage a couple of domain addresses. In the event you register a new domain name on our end, it'll be hosted automatically in your semi-dedicated account.
Hosted Domains in VPS Servers
If you get a VPS server solution through our company, you can host as many domain addresses as you wish. You will have your own server, so it's for you to decide how you will employ its system resources. You will be able to register new domain names from the billing account of your VPS or add domain addresses that you have already registered with another company. Since we offer you 3 website hosting Control Panels for the servers, you will have different choices for the hosting part - with Hepsia, a newly registered domain address is hosted automatically on the server and you'll control all hosted domains in one place (i.e. there aren't any main and add-on domains), while with DirectAdmin and cPanel you're able to create a separate account for every domain name you want to host on the server. The abovementioned option is useful if you would like to allow access to the domains to other people.